Half A Year Later.

I just realized that last week marked 6 months that I have been living in Atlanta. A half a year of my life has been spent in the city. How insane is that? Time has literally flown by. It has been an interesting transition, and quite frankly, it has not been a very graceful one lately. However, if I must list one of my strengths, it would be optimism.

When I first arrived in Atlanta, I was excited for the endeavor. I found a sweet condo in Buckhead, I was working at one of the top interior design firms in the world, and I had a few friends nearby to keep me occupied. I immediately jumped into exploring the city. I did all the things I knew Atlanta had to offer. Winter came and left, and now I am sitting here wondering what is left for this city to offer to me. I have been fighting negativity that has me annoyed with Atlanta. However, I am hopeful that with the budding spring flowers will come new opportunities and things to make this place more enjoyable. Of course, we now have a collapsed bridge that has traffic in my neighborhood so backed up that I want to cry, but I am not going to think about it.

As far as work goes, what can I say? It is awesome. I am so fortunate to have found such a unique job right out of college. We have officially moved into our new office, which is so exciting. I have my own personal office and meeting table on top of a huge and beautiful library. It is so weird to call myself the “ librarian” for my firm but it is such a cool role. I have my degree in interior design and the role as a “ librarian” gets to exercise my education and personal skills daily. I get to coordinate internally and externally, review any and every design product possible, gate keep between my designers and product reps, and so many more little tasks that keep the library running. I truly love the tasks I have because it is a great blend between my creativity and my type A personality. I am so excited to see where this opportunity will take me.

So as of now, I am just looking to find a happy medium. Work is good, so now I just need to love Atlanta a little more. I have a busy next two months coming up, so it may be exciting to see where my opinion lies about it all in the upcoming months.