Here I am, in my new home in Buckhead trying to get my internet to work well enough to let me write and stream the new Childish Gambino album all at once. I just got in from a crazy week in the office. The sun is out, it is about 65 degrees, and I lay on my balcony to jot down some thoughts and update where I am in life. It’s good reflection. A few months back, I went in for an interview and the owner of the design firm admitted to reading my blog. My heart dropped. I did not expect anyone to be interested in my posts that are all very raw and personal. She then applauded me, for sharing my voice and honoring my experiences. She said I was on a good path. Because of this, I have been pushing myself to jot down these moments, thoughts, and hopes. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Where to begin? I am three months into my career with one of the top luxury design firms in the world. My role, the resource librarian, is a unique and creative pathway to take in the design industry. I am responsible for the largest library in all of Atlanta’s architectural and design firms. What does that mean? Basically, I  have a huge office full of materials, stone, glass, wood, and fabrics, that designers come to create with. I often get asked to pull products together, and get to see hands on what is happening in the projects. I get to coordinate all vendor and rep meetings, meet people to review and analyze their work , and I introduce new products to our firm. We have to stay cutting edge, and to do so, the library has to be cutting edge. I handle some administrative tasks ,and get to coordinate all inner and outer work related events. Interesting, huh? It is to say the least. I have met and spoke with people from every part of the world. I have been wined and dined, and most of all I have learned. It is incredible that I get my hand in every piece of product that comes through our door, and will be learning everyday that I am in this role. It has been tough, really tough some days, but at the end of it all my heart is so whole and full that I was blessed with this opportunity in Atlanta.

Speaking of Atlanta.. I am officially a city girl. I am smack dab in the middle of Buckhead sharing a condo with a roommate I found on craigslist. Our condo flooded a month in, and from that moment on, we have became good friends. I love the location and accessibility I have. Moving here  has been a rough transition geographically since I left my heart in the northwest, but no worries, God and I have worked it out and He has only given me confirmation that I am supposed to be in Atlanta, doing this job, and facing it head on. He brought me here and it is my duty to embrace it. I will admit, Atlanta is a pretty neat town when I am honest with myself. It is horrible with traffic, but there is a tiny flare of old school that lies here and I feel it. It is nice because I am also very close to 90% of my best friends, which has kept me busy. From the pub crawls, to Ponce, to the amazing food, there is never a dull moment. I look forward to where it leads me.

With this all being said, let me say it plain and simple: life has been insane. From simultaneously relocating and jumping into a career , I am exhausted. Most days though, it is a whole and warm type of exhausting. If you have any advice, please send it my way. I am still so new in this “ adulting” thing. Until next time.