Design With Spec Book In Hand

Internship// Week 2// June 29- July 2

Another week has come and gone. In all honesty, time really does fly even in the work environment not just in college when you’re rushing to finish a project.  This week I was able to learn and experience some pretty cool things.  

Monday started with a cabinetry delivery to a home Studio KB is working on. It was super neat to see how the contractor was laying them out while reading the CDOX Kayron had made. Kayron showed me how the cabinets were going to be hung, giving me a better idea of how they technically work. On Tuesday, I had a blast. I got assigned one of my summer tasks  which is to help do some of the marketing for Studio KB. With that being said, I am getting to do stuff on Facebook, Instagram,and Houzz on behalf of Studio KB!  If you know me, and I am assuming so since you’re reading my blog, you know how much I enjoy this and see social media as an important connecting platform. I am so pumped! That afternoon Kayron wanted me to experience new things, so I spent the day with her on her errands.She took me with her to sit in on the NKBA board meeting that was at the Pental Quartz show house. It was cool too see how they make their executive decisions on NKBA related events and plannings. We then went to a showroom with a client to look at products and picked up a replacement door for a client’s cabinetry. That afternoon Suzie and I looked up asian inspired bath designs for inspiration for a client’s bath design. On Wednesday I worked on Houzz all day making a product spec sheet and tagging items on the page. Kayron is really active on her Houzz so I am getting to help her upkeep the page and answer questions and tagging products so that less questions are asked. Thursday was my last day of work before the holiday and it started out by going to a beautiful condo in Capitol Hill that Kayron and Suzie have been working on. I was so impressed by the amount of space planning that was done that gave the small space plenty of room. They asked the client questions and got ideas for things to be looking for to add to the space. That afternoon I worked on Houzz more and then Kayron showed me how to order pieces for  crown molding that needed to be replaced. It was such an intense process for just the crown molding. She told me “ DWSPIN” and I was so confused, and she clarified that it means to Design With Spec Book In Hand. It makes perfect sense and seems to be a lifesaver to avoid those awkward mess ups in a space.  

    After two weeks here, I am realizing how big of a learning experience this is. I have a gained such a new found respect for what design is and all the work that goes behind it. Also, after being her it has occurred to me that maybe I would love to be working in construction. With design experience, it may nice to mix design knowledge into actual hands on building. Just a thought though.


Photo Credit goes to Red Pants Studio for the NKBA Gala picture. The rest of the photos are my own.