Fearlessly Exploring


Cultural Event Week 2

Only being here for six weeks means being adventurous and fearless as much as possible. One thing I decided to go out and do was take a ferry and go to Bainbridge Island. Let me tell you. It was awesome. I am now a huge lover of ferry rides. My Australian roommate was so nice to invite me to tag along and our adventure turned into an all day thing. We caught the bus to downtown and caught the ferry from there. The ride was about 30 minutes and had stunning views of mountains and the skyline. Once we got to the island we bussed then walked a bit to the islands large community garage sale. We pondered around and I found this devotional I have been wanting for 50 cents! After we looked around we asked for directions back to the ferry bus but no one knew. This guy overheard us and offered us a ride with him and his 2 kids and dog. I normally wouldn't ever consider hitch hiking but it was a long long walk mid day and he had kids, so whats the harm? He dropped us off where we needed and we thanked him and his kids. My roommate and I then grabbed lunch at  this vegan “Vege House” and talked to this woman living on a sailboat and working 3 jobs to save up because she is sailing down to Mexico in October. Her journey was insane. We then went down to the bay and had a local beer. We pondered the small local shops then headed back to the ferry. The whole day had passed and I was one tired 21 year old by 7pm with some light sunburn.  The ride back was so beautiful . I am pretty sure I fell in love with Seattle in that moment. I was in the middle of salt water, surrounded by mountains and the skyscrapers of downtown Seattle. I could get used to seeing that all the time.

Y’all in all honesty, I love this place. It is so large and so stunning at once. I get lost a lot. I am overwhelmed by it in the best ways. It is so fast paced that I am exhausted and sleep so well by the end of the day. Everyone has been really nice.  It just feels right to be here. I can’t wait to see what else I come across this next month.  
In current events, Seattle has lots of large events going on throughout the city. There is a huge seafood festival planned in Ballard that brings in 65,000 people each year. I have been following lots of posts about it and look forward to seeing the turnout it has.