With Grace in Your Heart and Flowers in Your Hair.

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of the city. Being a gypsy soul that was raised in a small town in southern Georgia meant anything that was new to me, was what I wanted to seek out and pursue. It’s in my nature. Something about the city’s massiveness draws me in and makes me feel like I am on top of the world.The idea of my human life being so small while being surrounded by such large objects is freeing to me. How could I get to the city? After 3 amazing years at the University of Georgia, I was ready to take on a big city. Back in October of 2014, I had a list of goals and dreams to pray over, and on it was Seattle. I can’t quite explain why I wanted to be in Seattle. I called my mom multiple times crying out of confusion as I was pursuing an internship. I told her I thought I was going crazy for trying to fly 3000 miles away from home on my own while financially supporting myself and balancing school all while getting it all organized and planned. All she did was encourage me. My dad opened up to the idea after I explained the gut pull I had to move to Seattle for the summer. Then, one Sunday afternoon in February after I returned from the studio doing homework, I made my mind up. I was pursuing an internship in Seattle. The adventure had began. Little did I know was that I preparing for the best summer of my life.

If I have learned anything from this journey to Seattle, it is the meaning and power behind destiny and what you have to do to make it your reality. If you want something and want it to become your reality, YOU are the one to make it happen. You can’t sit around and wait for it to fall in your lap. You can’t expect your parents to do it for you. You can’t anticipate that it will fall together right at the end. You have to start early. You have to plan. You have to follow up. You have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. You have to accept the outcome at the end of the day, and know that you will only sleep easy if you gave it your best shot.  Luckily for me, my late hours in the studio working on my website, resume, and portfolio paid off. Studio KB in Seattle decided to take me under their wing.

From March until June 20th, my nerves were on end. I planned and planned, and planned some more. My flight boarded and I was off to the opposite end of the country. I stepped off the plane and the beginning of my adult life as a designer began. Words can not express the learning and experiences I have encountered and been a part of at Studio KB. Kayron, my boss and owner of Studio KB is brilliant. I see a lot of what I want to be one day in her. She is a business woman who is passionate, good at what she does, and is confident in all that she does. I admire her so much after shadowing under her for the last 6 weeks. Suzy, the co designer under Kayron, is a zealous and bright ray of light in a young adult’s body. She is confident and humble in such a graceful way all at once in the work environment and it just shines through in her work. Barli and Nebs, the office doggies, are so adorable and sweet, possibly sending me to say I am a dog lover these days, and not just a cat lover.The talent, drive, and  independence from these two women at this company has awakened a whole new outlook on my personal goals as a future designer. I am so grateful and humbled by my opportunity with them over the last 6 weeks.

To the people of Seattle that I have encountered while being here, thank you. From day one, Oris, thanks for talking with me about art and the modern generation’s impact on it, giving me such a deep and analytical conversation that I didn’t even realize I was lost until after you got off the bus. Sophie, my wonderful roommate, thank you for being braver than me and for being an adventurer with me. Hitch hiking on Bainbridge Island and  visiting Portland would not have been the same without you. To the woman from Bainbridge Island living on the sailboat: thank you for being a true hippie and going with the flow of life. I hope your sail from Seattle to Mexico is safe, amazing, and all that you have worked towards. To the old man who got on the 44 bus at the 45th and I-5 stop every morning at 7:30, thank you for being such a cute old man, making me smile every single morning. To the 44 bus driver that was old and crabby, thank you for making me laugh every morning as I almost fell boarding your bus because you drove off before I was seated with my heavy work bag. To the barista at the Phinney Ave Starbucks, thanks for making an effort to remember me, even if you thought I was from Missouri, not Georgia.  To the woman at City Light Nail Salon, thanks for making small talk with me so that I felt less awkward being in a crowded salon. To Jess and Shannon, thanks for being the roomies to listen to my joyous story after I got my first tattoo. To the awkward guy at Lander, thanks for always putting my money onto my laundry card for me and asking if I wanted change back, even when I didn’t.  Finally, to Callum, thank you for the most amazing 13 hours of friendship. I will never forget drinking IPA’s and laying out, looking at Mount Rainier while talking about life, depth, world perspectives and dragonflies until 2 in the morning. Serendipity is real, nothing is weird, and there is a God.

All of it, all of you, every ounce of experience, thank you. I am going back to Georgia to finish my senior year at the University of Georgia as a better person. I am fearless.  I know what I want. I know I can achieve it. I know I will be back in the PNW in less than 12 months in some shape or form. This isn’t a goodbye to you Pacific NorthWest, this is a see you soon. My heart is set to be here, so take care of the piece I am leaving behind while I am gone.


Taylor Yvette