Hello, Rainy Days!

It has finally been rainy and cloudy! It is weird, because all  this time it has been hot and sunny. Now it is cooler and I am finally able to break out my raincoat! For my rainy Saturday I decided to be a foodie. I went to Ramen Man and was in for a treat. I have never ate with chopsticks, so imagine my shock when i got chopsticks and a spoon to eat noodle soup with. After being awkward, I managed to eat it and boy, it was delicious. I then got local icecream, honey lavendar, and it was amazing. I walked around the shops some, met some sweet people at a paper shop, and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for souvenirs. Seattle is a great place to be. I have less than a week left, and can only hope to absorb it all in.