Week 4 and It's Lessons

Internship// Week 4 // July 13- July 17

Everything about this internship has helped me put my life as a future designer into perspective. As I continue to watch and learn, I get to experience the way my daily life may someday be. Studio KB is such a fun learning environment. This week was kinda crazy in the office so I ran all over the place with Suzy and Kayron. I got to see the countertops installed and being coated in the kitchen that was just torn apart a week ago. I then saw what happens when somethings goes wrong. Tiles scratched? Fireplace surround damaged? No drawing of the backsplash? It is the designer's job to handle. I was just observing and witnessed a simple house visit turn into a huge thing that needed to be fixed. The best part? Kayron handled it all and acted like it was nothing. In that moment, I learned that it was part of the job.  Throughout the week, I worked on social media marketing with another Seattle designer, visited job sites on Mercer Island, played around with moldings, and did inventory. I tasted the whole design spectrum this week. I am getting pretty sad as my time to leave approaches. There is so much for me to learn that I don’t want to stop growing as a design student. This internship is going to make me work way harder my senior year so I can get my hands on all the information possible so I can tackle design challenges gracefully one day.