Earning the Title of a "Gypsy Soul"

I am crying a little bit as I write this post. I only have two weeks left in this amazing place and I anticipate feeling a piece of my heart being taken away after I have to leave. One big reason why I wanted to come to Seattle was to be alone. I had the idea that being alone and on my own schedule would be so refreshing, and I was right. I have enjoyed it so much. Being here has taught me that when I graduate, I can move anywhere and survive, and enjoy the heck out of it at that.  I find myself walking slow and trying to process and absorb this place as much as possible. After a crazy 5 days of work, on Saturday, I decided to go explore. I went to see the Seattle Central Library that is famous for it’s insane architecture. I took a walk around and was just overwhelmed by it’s modern and geometric high modernism design style. What amazes me most about design and building layout is the use of it’s space. A library could be functional as just a square room with book shelves lined through it. However, architects and interior designers see the function needed, create a space to meet the needs, all while creating  another use along with it known as artwork. For example, yesterday I went into the library to view and use it from an arts perspective. However, someone walking in with me could have been going in to use it for it’s function of bookholding. Anyways, it gave me such an amazing outlook on how buildings can have multiple uses just through it’s design. After I toured the library, I grabbed dinner then took pictures around the area. Then, as sunset approached  I decided to go on an observatory tour. I went to the 73rd floor of the Columbia Tower. If you have seen the Seattle skyline, you have seen this tall, sleek, and black tower. I got to the floor and paid to go into the glass overview. It. Was. Insane. I sat in awe as I watched the sunset behind the mountains. I could see the ferries heading to and from Bainbridge Island. I saw Lake Union in all it’s glory full of boats. It was the best $9 I ever spent. I plan to go back and experience it one more time. Why must I go home?