Athens + Atlanta= Portland

Praise for having an adventurous roommate! After Sophie mentioned going to Portland for the day, I immediately booked my bus ticket. After that it hit me. Taylor, you have more adventure in you than you think. I was pumped. All I wanted was to see the Portland Building designed by Michael Graves.

I have heard a lot of “ Portland is more hipster than Seattle “ and I can now confirm that. I fell in love with Portland. I love Athens so much for it’s funky, artsy, hip vibes and I love Atlanta’s fanciness, huge buildings, and southern draw. Portland was a mixture of both. The buildings seemed to be confused. I felt like I was walking through time with all the decades of building styles around. The Portland Building was awesome, this huge goddess sat on top of it. We ventured to the Portland Saturday Market and were immediately overwhelmed by all of the vendors. Man buns galore. Musicians everywhere. A million food trucks. Loads of  local artists. Nothing was too weird.  After a quick lunch from the food truck, we explored the pearl district, did some shopping, had beer samplers at Fat Heads Brewery, and got ready to conquer the line at Voodoo Doughnuts. The line was HUGE. We waited for 30 minutes to get a peek into the eclectic and dramatically designed shop, and boy was it worth it. Best. Doughnuts. Ever. After eating one, we headed back to the bus stop. It was time to embark on our 3 hour journey back to Seattle. I did not want to leave. I fell in love with the city. I felt a ridiculous pull to be there.  As our bus took off, a few tears fell. I will be back to Portland, someway, somehow.