A Little Bit of Everything

Internship// Week 3 // July 6- July 10

This week at the office was a good example of how crazy life as a designer may be for me one day. I worked on an array of small tasks that will all be helpful to know for the future. One of the main things I have learned  is the need for details. For example, when rushing to do a project, I will leave off crown molding due to time constraints. Well. The crown molding gods have spoken, and karma has gotten me. This week I worked on making custom crown molding pieces. It is one of my assignments to work on over the period of my internship so there is no pressure to finish it immediately, which is good for me because my ideas have been falling short. First, I thought moldings were all one big piece. WRONG. Kayron broke it down and showed me the pieces and explained it. Now it is up to me to put them together to make a nice piece. It was really important that I learned this, because it is really challenging the creative meets function side of my brain, leaving me to channel both as I try to make a working design. I now know and can see how it can make a design so much better, so in the fall, my projects will start having them.  Another new thing we did was measure an old mid century modern house that needs a lot of TLC. Suzie and I measured it everywhere and I learned that I need to work on my quick sketching skills, because on the jobsite at the end of the afternoon isn’t when you want to be going so slow because you’re trying to be perfect. After we measured the home, the next day Suzie put it into CAD and she let me put the bathroom into CAD for her as she watched how I did it. What was fun about Suzie watching me was how you can learn from others. She taught me really neat tricks that can make the process easier, and I showed her one or two shortcuts that I prefer to use. It took me a second to do it since I am not acquainted to the MAC version but finally it was done and I had it all right.  The rest of the week was spent working on the moldings, watching tile reps present new lines, updating Houzz, sharing neat articles, and choosing palettes for a client to look at for their bathroom design.  It was a really random week with a plethora of things I got to do, and for that I am thankful.