Does This Go To 46th and Phinney?

Internship // Week 1 // June 22- June 25

Well does it? This is one question I have grown very fond of upon my arrival in Seattle. However, getting lost on a bus and ending up in downtown Seattle has not stopped me , and I have successfully made it to work on time every day in my first week. Let me fill you in.

Seattle. I have never been to the West Coast and never been past Texas or above D.C. so it is safe to say that traveling alone across the country (literally the furthest away from my hometown that you can get) at the age of 21 can be quite intimidating. The most stressful part was flying, not because of heights, but because of security, gate changes, and small plane bathrooms. The flying worked out perfectly, but boy, the 4.5 hours from ORD to SEA was no joke. The views though were breathtaking.  After lugging around my bags on the hills University of Washington campus, and up 3 flights of stairs, I was finally able to move into my apartment on Sunday. With work starting on Monday, I wanted to test the bus route and find my office beforehand so that I would be on time. Boy, I was in for a surprise. I got on a 44 and ended up downtown where the driver told me it was the last stop and I needed to get off, so I explained I was looking for Phinney Ave, and he told me where to go, that I went the wrong direction ( of course). I panicked and found 4th and Pike and hopped on asking if it went to 46th and Phinney. About 45 minutes later I got there, then had to get on a 5, which took me right to it. I did it. I had survived after 4 hours of confusion and anticipation of calling an Uber to save me. I hopped back on and headed back to my apartment and treated myself to the coolest, most fun little mexican restuarant, Agua Verde, on Portage Bay that served lots of organic goodies.Work started the next day.

I woke up for my first day and made it to my office an hour early, so I walked to Starbucks. I had to wear a cardigan because the mornings are chilly. I got to work right on time and my life as an intern had officially begun.  Studio kb is a kitchen and bath design firm. Kayron Brewer is the owner and head designer. I found her work on Houzz and here I am working and learning from her. She was so nice to pick me up from the airport, so we had already met. On the first day I met Suzie, who also works and designs in the office. I jumped straight into what they were working on. By my 4th day of the internship I had: helped make 9 design boards for the NKBA Gala, been to 4 client homes, measured a bathroom , living , and dining room space then helped sketch it’s layout for reference,  sat in on a client interview, and learned how Studio kb does their cad drawings. I worked a total of 38 hours in 4 days, and in all honesty, the time flies. I was so impressed by all the references to class material that is being made at the firm. I felt proud that I knew what was being said, which gave me more confidence in our NKBA accredited program after seeing it in real life be used. Kayron and Suzie are both great to be around and in an office with. My favorite part is that they teach me things as we go through it, so I can grasp the concept of things versus just blindly following orders.

Thursday night was the NKBA Puget Sound Gala at Emerald City Trapeze. I met awesome Seattle area designers. Kayron is the President of the chapter, so luckily I am getting to meet her connections which is so vital to do in this industry. The gala had food, drinks, trapeze entertainment and our design boards on display. Awards were given out and Kayron got 1st place for her bath design ( which is my favorite from when I found her on Houzz) and 3rd for her outdoor patio/ porch, which is to die for. I also left the gala with an awesome goodie bag! My first week was great. I was off on Friday so I decided to soak up the culture of Seattle downtown. Overall I must admit , I am one worn out 21 year old, but for all the right reasons. My heart is so full here. The opportunity and the city is amazing, so it seems like I am still daydreaming.