Seattleite Culture Includes Flying Fish?


Cultural Event Week 1

I was off on Friday so I woke up around 8 and got ready for my adventurous day planned at Pikes Place Market. Tourists. Everywhere. I was one of them but it still felt weird with so many of them in one place. I got to the Market and saw the flying fish,then bought a gorgeous sunflower.  I made my rounds and left after not finding anything other than a cool place to take pictures. I then accidentally found the Gum Wall which was as crazy as it seemed. Right as I went to leave I remembered the original Starbucks was close so I ran over and saw the first one. THE FIRST STARBUCKS. It was tiny and super neat considering how much Starbucks I drink all the way in Georgia.  I grabbed lunch at Taxi Dogs next door and took it to the park overlooking the mountains, water, and Mt. Rainier. It was a gorgeous day and I got a little sunburnt. I then went to the city Target while I was downtown and bought a few things for the stay here, and I learned how to take a buggy on an escalator.Speaking of “buggy”, I asked for one at Trader Joe's and the lady was so confused. I laughed about it later but really needed that buggy!  Excuse me, I meant “shopping cart.”

The views here are incredible. It takes my breath away everytime. I have cried a few times, well more like weeped, because it is so amazing and breathtaking. I sleep so well here too despite the sun rises at 5:45, so it basically light in my room at that time.  I can’t wait for what this week brings. My adventurous heart is ready.