In the Blink of an Eye

I personally feel like everyone goes into college with a certain idea and expectation of what their experience will be like. Films, music, and art have all lead to an easy connotation of late nights out everyday, watching movies all the time, going to a million concerts, and just breezing by. I can say that my experience has been nothing like the movies. Yes, I have had my fair share of the mentioned but I have tripled in the amounts of late nights in the studio, times I have practically lived in the studio out of  my backpack, and times I have had meltdowns in the studio. Being a design major is no joke. As I look back on my last 3, now 4 years at the University of Georgia, I grow sad thinking of how fast it has flown by. In the moment, yes, it is rough, I have cried a lot, I have had to walk out and come back a lot, and I only see my friends if they visit me in the studio. I have had to try and find my healthy balance of yes and no’s between a social life and a studio life. I am used to my friends asking me: Hey, can I come to the studio with you? It is so interesting to me that the design world is it’s own little niche of a community. Creatives know what I am talking about. However, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your work come to life. It makes it all worth it.


All 10 of us in the FI program had 1 floorplan the shape of polygon. We had 5 cultures, one each to work around and design to. The final design of the home was unique in every aspect to each student. I live to see this happening. I love the fact that we are all so creative and individual that our spaces are all so personal to our interpretation. I am always so elated when I turn in my projects. It is my art. I have a talent that is rapidly growing and branding into who I am.  I am proud of myself and my accomplishments as I feel my love for design growing.

Interning with the Office of Sustainability through UGA Housing is another task I have given myself. It has been a true test of my skills to successfully do everything I have needed to do, but on Monday, I will see it come to life with our biggest event. Being in the sustainable community is so rewarding on many levels and I am so glad to have joined the Athens community. Seeing other students learn and be part of the sustainable community has been amazingly rewarding. Soon I will be starting a redesign of the dorm I live in, making it green and sustainable. I am so excited. One thing is for sure, I can not believe how fast things have went by this semester. It literally has went by in the blink of an eye.

With this being said, it is nice to reflect. I use blogging as a form of reflection. It is amazing to see my work from 3 years ago to now. It is mind blowing to see myself transformed into a creative. I now look at the world from a different lense. Buildings are a centrality to human life. The fact that I get to design and have a role in the use of them is truly amazing. I’m blessed that this is my destiny.