October: the Crazy Month For a Design Student

I never thought I would experience joy from taking a few shuffling footsteps. Well, this week I did. “LOOK” I said to my best friend as I shuffled across her living room floor on my bare feet.I took a few steps without hobbling and limping. My foot is starting to heal. I quickly threw on my big boot again, knowing not to go too fast. The doctor this week cleared me to downsize from the huge black boot to a fancy foot brace next Saturday. What does that mean for me? CUTE SHOES. All jokes aside, this foot thing has taught me so much already and I am eager to see how I handle the rest of things without the boot on anymore.

This week was crazy. In class we are doing a huge condominium redesign. It is an awkward hexagon type shape, making it an intricate and difficult time to space plan. My “ clients” are now living in Miami after the husband grew up in Atlanta and the mother in Colombia. The goal for my home is to have a Latin american flare to it and to be so special to the family that it is their escape. I am really trying to embed my concept of “ je ne sais quo” into the design and am looking for my gateway to it. Je ne sais quo is “ i don’t know what- an indescribable attribute making an object, person, or place unique.”  With the family having a taste of Atlanta, Colombia, and now Miami in it, I am hoping to create the home as a cultural melting pot for the family. As visitors come to the space, I hope for them to leave wondering and saying “ I don’t know what it is about their house, but it is so special and unique in who they are.” Anyways, it shall be and a task to accomplish. We had pin ups in class and a lot of my class mates were so encouraging with their comments.My indoor garden was a huge success, setting me apart from the other designs we have.  I am so thankful to be in this class with girls that love and want to invest in each other.

Later in the week, I had a tutoring session with my professor. I am not worried about my grades at this point, I am just trying to truly grasp the concept of using Revit. I am still catching up from my week out of the studio so the professors are being kind about it all. After a 2 hour sit down, I was able to add my floors into my law office design using Revit. I have never been so proud of something so small and just had to show my professor that I finally understood the concept. It really is the little things that make me happy and keeps me heart happy and pushing on forward in this career field.

My internship with the Office of Sustainability has been flying by. The UGA Green Cup is the event  that I am planning and I am so excited to see it come to life. A live band, food, tabling and 100+ people, how cool!  The internship has definitely challenged me to step outside of my box and I am thankful for a supervisor that does not let me whine. It is a do it or leave type of thing and I appreciate that because it doesn’t give me time to self pity. I have to make those calls, send those requests, be professional, and be an extrovert in sharing the inspiration behind our cause. I am growing from it, so that is a good thing. After this I am off to a redesign of some of the dorms to present to the Housing Board. Talk about a cool opportunity. I am excited.

Overall, I am 9 week into to my senior year and slightly freaking out. I continuously ache for the PNW. I know it’s where I want to be, but there are a lot of considerations to take in. For now, my goal is to handle what is on my plate now and with a calm heart, pursue my big dreams and make them happen. Hard work will take me far, and determination will take me  anywhere.