Laughing My Way Through It

Sometimes I have to stop and laugh. Well, let me rephrase that. I stop and laugh all the time. My senior year at the University of Georgia has been flying by. My first week back, I was optimistic, over joyed, and insanely pumped. I am President for the Student Interior Design Association, I landed a SUH-WEET internship with the Office of Sustainability, then I am working to save up for my move to the PNW (hopefully).  I am back in such an exciting place with my closest friends. Life is ideal. I find that I'm facing new challenges and new accomplishments all at once. I feel myself being molded into the woman I am going to be.

On the bright side, I am in a place to impact others. That I love. As President for SIDA I am the one in charge of leading change. Let me tell you, it is hard. Also, I love all thing I am being exposed to. After coming home from Seattle, I came back and want to absorb everything. This industry is what I love.  I am back in this great city too. It is just so cute and interconnected, making me love it more and more. I am so happy to call this place home. 

As far as challenges go, I have a few. First, I broke my foot. I left the studio after doing some design work and face planted. Five hours later and I am laughing so hard I am crying on a hospital bed when the doctors tell me my 5th metatarsal is broke/ fractured. Just what I need. Getting around camous and in home is a whole new challenge for me, giving a new insight on ADA design. Then there is Revit. My worst enemy right now. The saddest part is that it is so amazing and I love what BIM’S can do, I just haven’t grasped it yet. I am so excited for my light bulb to go off and it all click.Finally is time management.  Time management was never too large of a concern for me, but it is now. Work, a full course load, and an internship is a true challenge but I love working so much, and my internship is teaching me and connecting me with sustainability so much, so I am happy to be a part of an amazing group on campus.

What I am getting at is this: enjoy where you are. Expect to have bad days, but refuse to let it get the best of you. Make the day great. Cry when you need to, shake it off, grab coffee, re apply your lipstick and continue on. Time flies in the blink of an eye. Do not let anything pass you. It is my goal to keep an updated blog throughout the year to reflect on work and my experience. Maybe it can reach someone who needs to read it.