Half A Year Later.

I just realized that last week marked 6 months that I have been living in Atlanta. A half a year of my life has been spent in the city. How insane is that? Time has literally flown by. It has been an interesting transition, and quite frankly, it has not been a very graceful one lately. However, if I must list one of my strengths, it would be optimism.

When I first arrived in Atlanta, I was excited for the endeavor. I found a sweet condo in Buckhead, I was working at one of the top interior design firms in the world, and I had a few friends nearby to keep me occupied. I immediately jumped into exploring the city. I did all the things I knew Atlanta had to offer. Winter came and left, and now I am sitting here wondering what is left for this city to offer to me. I have been fighting negativity that has me annoyed with Atlanta. However, I am hopeful that with the budding spring flowers will come new opportunities and things to make this place more enjoyable. Of course, we now have a collapsed bridge that has traffic in my neighborhood so backed up that I want to cry, but I am not going to think about it.

As far as work goes, what can I say? It is awesome. I am so fortunate to have found such a unique job right out of college. We have officially moved into our new office, which is so exciting. I have my own personal office and meeting table on top of a huge and beautiful library. It is so weird to call myself the “ librarian” for my firm but it is such a cool role. I have my degree in interior design and the role as a “ librarian” gets to exercise my education and personal skills daily. I get to coordinate internally and externally, review any and every design product possible, gate keep between my designers and product reps, and so many more little tasks that keep the library running. I truly love the tasks I have because it is a great blend between my creativity and my type A personality. I am so excited to see where this opportunity will take me.

So as of now, I am just looking to find a happy medium. Work is good, so now I just need to love Atlanta a little more. I have a busy next two months coming up, so it may be exciting to see where my opinion lies about it all in the upcoming months.




Here I am, in my new home in Buckhead trying to get my internet to work well enough to let me write and stream the new Childish Gambino album all at once. I just got in from a crazy week in the office. The sun is out, it is about 65 degrees, and I lay on my balcony to jot down some thoughts and update where I am in life. It’s good reflection. A few months back, I went in for an interview and the owner of the design firm admitted to reading my blog. My heart dropped. I did not expect anyone to be interested in my posts that are all very raw and personal. She then applauded me, for sharing my voice and honoring my experiences. She said I was on a good path. Because of this, I have been pushing myself to jot down these moments, thoughts, and hopes. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Where to begin? I am three months into my career with one of the top luxury design firms in the world. My role, the resource librarian, is a unique and creative pathway to take in the design industry. I am responsible for the largest library in all of Atlanta’s architectural and design firms. What does that mean? Basically, I  have a huge office full of materials, stone, glass, wood, and fabrics, that designers come to create with. I often get asked to pull products together, and get to see hands on what is happening in the projects. I get to coordinate all vendor and rep meetings, meet people to review and analyze their work , and I introduce new products to our firm. We have to stay cutting edge, and to do so, the library has to be cutting edge. I handle some administrative tasks ,and get to coordinate all inner and outer work related events. Interesting, huh? It is to say the least. I have met and spoke with people from every part of the world. I have been wined and dined, and most of all I have learned. It is incredible that I get my hand in every piece of product that comes through our door, and will be learning everyday that I am in this role. It has been tough, really tough some days, but at the end of it all my heart is so whole and full that I was blessed with this opportunity in Atlanta.

Speaking of Atlanta.. I am officially a city girl. I am smack dab in the middle of Buckhead sharing a condo with a roommate I found on craigslist. Our condo flooded a month in, and from that moment on, we have became good friends. I love the location and accessibility I have. Moving here  has been a rough transition geographically since I left my heart in the northwest, but no worries, God and I have worked it out and He has only given me confirmation that I am supposed to be in Atlanta, doing this job, and facing it head on. He brought me here and it is my duty to embrace it. I will admit, Atlanta is a pretty neat town when I am honest with myself. It is horrible with traffic, but there is a tiny flare of old school that lies here and I feel it. It is nice because I am also very close to 90% of my best friends, which has kept me busy. From the pub crawls, to Ponce, to the amazing food, there is never a dull moment. I look forward to where it leads me.

With this all being said, let me say it plain and simple: life has been insane. From simultaneously relocating and jumping into a career , I am exhausted. Most days though, it is a whole and warm type of exhausting. If you have any advice, please send it my way. I am still so new in this “ adulting” thing. Until next time.




In the Blink of an Eye

I personally feel like everyone goes into college with a certain idea and expectation of what their experience will be like. Films, music, and art have all lead to an easy connotation of late nights out everyday, watching movies all the time, going to a million concerts, and just breezing by. I can say that my experience has been nothing like the movies. Yes, I have had my fair share of the mentioned but I have tripled in the amounts of late nights in the studio, times I have practically lived in the studio out of  my backpack, and times I have had meltdowns in the studio. Being a design major is no joke. As I look back on my last 3, now 4 years at the University of Georgia, I grow sad thinking of how fast it has flown by. In the moment, yes, it is rough, I have cried a lot, I have had to walk out and come back a lot, and I only see my friends if they visit me in the studio. I have had to try and find my healthy balance of yes and no’s between a social life and a studio life. I am used to my friends asking me: Hey, can I come to the studio with you? It is so interesting to me that the design world is it’s own little niche of a community. Creatives know what I am talking about. However, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your work come to life. It makes it all worth it.


All 10 of us in the FI program had 1 floorplan the shape of polygon. We had 5 cultures, one each to work around and design to. The final design of the home was unique in every aspect to each student. I live to see this happening. I love the fact that we are all so creative and individual that our spaces are all so personal to our interpretation. I am always so elated when I turn in my projects. It is my art. I have a talent that is rapidly growing and branding into who I am.  I am proud of myself and my accomplishments as I feel my love for design growing.

Interning with the Office of Sustainability through UGA Housing is another task I have given myself. It has been a true test of my skills to successfully do everything I have needed to do, but on Monday, I will see it come to life with our biggest event. Being in the sustainable community is so rewarding on many levels and I am so glad to have joined the Athens community. Seeing other students learn and be part of the sustainable community has been amazingly rewarding. Soon I will be starting a redesign of the dorm I live in, making it green and sustainable. I am so excited. One thing is for sure, I can not believe how fast things have went by this semester. It literally has went by in the blink of an eye.

With this being said, it is nice to reflect. I use blogging as a form of reflection. It is amazing to see my work from 3 years ago to now. It is mind blowing to see myself transformed into a creative. I now look at the world from a different lense. Buildings are a centrality to human life. The fact that I get to design and have a role in the use of them is truly amazing. I’m blessed that this is my destiny.




October: the Crazy Month For a Design Student

I never thought I would experience joy from taking a few shuffling footsteps. Well, this week I did. “LOOK” I said to my best friend as I shuffled across her living room floor on my bare feet.I took a few steps without hobbling and limping. My foot is starting to heal. I quickly threw on my big boot again, knowing not to go too fast. The doctor this week cleared me to downsize from the huge black boot to a fancy foot brace next Saturday. What does that mean for me? CUTE SHOES. All jokes aside, this foot thing has taught me so much already and I am eager to see how I handle the rest of things without the boot on anymore.

This week was crazy. In class we are doing a huge condominium redesign. It is an awkward hexagon type shape, making it an intricate and difficult time to space plan. My “ clients” are now living in Miami after the husband grew up in Atlanta and the mother in Colombia. The goal for my home is to have a Latin american flare to it and to be so special to the family that it is their escape. I am really trying to embed my concept of “ je ne sais quo” into the design and am looking for my gateway to it. Je ne sais quo is “ i don’t know what- an indescribable attribute making an object, person, or place unique.”  With the family having a taste of Atlanta, Colombia, and now Miami in it, I am hoping to create the home as a cultural melting pot for the family. As visitors come to the space, I hope for them to leave wondering and saying “ I don’t know what it is about their house, but it is so special and unique in who they are.” Anyways, it shall be and a task to accomplish. We had pin ups in class and a lot of my class mates were so encouraging with their comments.My indoor garden was a huge success, setting me apart from the other designs we have.  I am so thankful to be in this class with girls that love and want to invest in each other.

Later in the week, I had a tutoring session with my professor. I am not worried about my grades at this point, I am just trying to truly grasp the concept of using Revit. I am still catching up from my week out of the studio so the professors are being kind about it all. After a 2 hour sit down, I was able to add my floors into my law office design using Revit. I have never been so proud of something so small and just had to show my professor that I finally understood the concept. It really is the little things that make me happy and keeps me heart happy and pushing on forward in this career field.

My internship with the Office of Sustainability has been flying by. The UGA Green Cup is the event  that I am planning and I am so excited to see it come to life. A live band, food, tabling and 100+ people, how cool!  The internship has definitely challenged me to step outside of my box and I am thankful for a supervisor that does not let me whine. It is a do it or leave type of thing and I appreciate that because it doesn’t give me time to self pity. I have to make those calls, send those requests, be professional, and be an extrovert in sharing the inspiration behind our cause. I am growing from it, so that is a good thing. After this I am off to a redesign of some of the dorms to present to the Housing Board. Talk about a cool opportunity. I am excited.

Overall, I am 9 week into to my senior year and slightly freaking out. I continuously ache for the PNW. I know it’s where I want to be, but there are a lot of considerations to take in. For now, my goal is to handle what is on my plate now and with a calm heart, pursue my big dreams and make them happen. Hard work will take me far, and determination will take me  anywhere.



Laughing My Way Through It

Sometimes I have to stop and laugh. Well, let me rephrase that. I stop and laugh all the time. My senior year at the University of Georgia has been flying by. My first week back, I was optimistic, over joyed, and insanely pumped. I am President for the Student Interior Design Association, I landed a SUH-WEET internship with the Office of Sustainability, then I am working to save up for my move to the PNW (hopefully).  I am back in such an exciting place with my closest friends. Life is ideal. I find that I'm facing new challenges and new accomplishments all at once. I feel myself being molded into the woman I am going to be.

On the bright side, I am in a place to impact others. That I love. As President for SIDA I am the one in charge of leading change. Let me tell you, it is hard. Also, I love all thing I am being exposed to. After coming home from Seattle, I came back and want to absorb everything. This industry is what I love.  I am back in this great city too. It is just so cute and interconnected, making me love it more and more. I am so happy to call this place home. 

As far as challenges go, I have a few. First, I broke my foot. I left the studio after doing some design work and face planted. Five hours later and I am laughing so hard I am crying on a hospital bed when the doctors tell me my 5th metatarsal is broke/ fractured. Just what I need. Getting around camous and in home is a whole new challenge for me, giving a new insight on ADA design. Then there is Revit. My worst enemy right now. The saddest part is that it is so amazing and I love what BIM’S can do, I just haven’t grasped it yet. I am so excited for my light bulb to go off and it all click.Finally is time management.  Time management was never too large of a concern for me, but it is now. Work, a full course load, and an internship is a true challenge but I love working so much, and my internship is teaching me and connecting me with sustainability so much, so I am happy to be a part of an amazing group on campus.

What I am getting at is this: enjoy where you are. Expect to have bad days, but refuse to let it get the best of you. Make the day great. Cry when you need to, shake it off, grab coffee, re apply your lipstick and continue on. Time flies in the blink of an eye. Do not let anything pass you. It is my goal to keep an updated blog throughout the year to reflect on work and my experience. Maybe it can reach someone who needs to read it. 




With Grace in Your Heart and Flowers in Your Hair.

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of the city. Being a gypsy soul that was raised in a small town in southern Georgia meant anything that was new to me, was what I wanted to seek out and pursue. It’s in my nature. Something about the city’s massiveness draws me in and makes me feel like I am on top of the world.The idea of my human life being so small while being surrounded by such large objects is freeing to me. How could I get to the city? After 3 amazing years at the University of Georgia, I was ready to take on a big city. Back in October of 2014, I had a list of goals and dreams to pray over, and on it was Seattle. I can’t quite explain why I wanted to be in Seattle. I called my mom multiple times crying out of confusion as I was pursuing an internship. I told her I thought I was going crazy for trying to fly 3000 miles away from home on my own while financially supporting myself and balancing school all while getting it all organized and planned. All she did was encourage me. My dad opened up to the idea after I explained the gut pull I had to move to Seattle for the summer. Then, one Sunday afternoon in February after I returned from the studio doing homework, I made my mind up. I was pursuing an internship in Seattle. The adventure had began. Little did I know was that I preparing for the best summer of my life.

If I have learned anything from this journey to Seattle, it is the meaning and power behind destiny and what you have to do to make it your reality. If you want something and want it to become your reality, YOU are the one to make it happen. You can’t sit around and wait for it to fall in your lap. You can’t expect your parents to do it for you. You can’t anticipate that it will fall together right at the end. You have to start early. You have to plan. You have to follow up. You have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. You have to accept the outcome at the end of the day, and know that you will only sleep easy if you gave it your best shot.  Luckily for me, my late hours in the studio working on my website, resume, and portfolio paid off. Studio KB in Seattle decided to take me under their wing.

From March until June 20th, my nerves were on end. I planned and planned, and planned some more. My flight boarded and I was off to the opposite end of the country. I stepped off the plane and the beginning of my adult life as a designer began. Words can not express the learning and experiences I have encountered and been a part of at Studio KB. Kayron, my boss and owner of Studio KB is brilliant. I see a lot of what I want to be one day in her. She is a business woman who is passionate, good at what she does, and is confident in all that she does. I admire her so much after shadowing under her for the last 6 weeks. Suzy, the co designer under Kayron, is a zealous and bright ray of light in a young adult’s body. She is confident and humble in such a graceful way all at once in the work environment and it just shines through in her work. Barli and Nebs, the office doggies, are so adorable and sweet, possibly sending me to say I am a dog lover these days, and not just a cat lover.The talent, drive, and  independence from these two women at this company has awakened a whole new outlook on my personal goals as a future designer. I am so grateful and humbled by my opportunity with them over the last 6 weeks.

To the people of Seattle that I have encountered while being here, thank you. From day one, Oris, thanks for talking with me about art and the modern generation’s impact on it, giving me such a deep and analytical conversation that I didn’t even realize I was lost until after you got off the bus. Sophie, my wonderful roommate, thank you for being braver than me and for being an adventurer with me. Hitch hiking on Bainbridge Island and  visiting Portland would not have been the same without you. To the woman from Bainbridge Island living on the sailboat: thank you for being a true hippie and going with the flow of life. I hope your sail from Seattle to Mexico is safe, amazing, and all that you have worked towards. To the old man who got on the 44 bus at the 45th and I-5 stop every morning at 7:30, thank you for being such a cute old man, making me smile every single morning. To the 44 bus driver that was old and crabby, thank you for making me laugh every morning as I almost fell boarding your bus because you drove off before I was seated with my heavy work bag. To the barista at the Phinney Ave Starbucks, thanks for making an effort to remember me, even if you thought I was from Missouri, not Georgia.  To the woman at City Light Nail Salon, thanks for making small talk with me so that I felt less awkward being in a crowded salon. To Jess and Shannon, thanks for being the roomies to listen to my joyous story after I got my first tattoo. To the awkward guy at Lander, thanks for always putting my money onto my laundry card for me and asking if I wanted change back, even when I didn’t.  Finally, to Callum, thank you for the most amazing 13 hours of friendship. I will never forget drinking IPA’s and laying out, looking at Mount Rainier while talking about life, depth, world perspectives and dragonflies until 2 in the morning. Serendipity is real, nothing is weird, and there is a God.

All of it, all of you, every ounce of experience, thank you. I am going back to Georgia to finish my senior year at the University of Georgia as a better person. I am fearless.  I know what I want. I know I can achieve it. I know I will be back in the PNW in less than 12 months in some shape or form. This isn’t a goodbye to you Pacific NorthWest, this is a see you soon. My heart is set to be here, so take care of the piece I am leaving behind while I am gone.


Taylor Yvette


Hello, Rainy Days!

It has finally been rainy and cloudy! It is weird, because all  this time it has been hot and sunny. Now it is cooler and I am finally able to break out my raincoat! For my rainy Saturday I decided to be a foodie. I went to Ramen Man and was in for a treat. I have never ate with chopsticks, so imagine my shock when i got chopsticks and a spoon to eat noodle soup with. After being awkward, I managed to eat it and boy, it was delicious. I then got local icecream, honey lavendar, and it was amazing. I walked around the shops some, met some sweet people at a paper shop, and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for souvenirs. Seattle is a great place to be. I have less than a week left, and can only hope to absorb it all in. 

My Last Whole Week at Studio KB

It is with  a sad heart that my time at Studio KB has come to an end.  What better way to end my last whole week there than with a crazy time in the office. We had so much going on. I was picking lighting for a mid century modern remodel and found this great website for us to start using. I did a lot on the social media pages. I got to learn and see new cabinet lines that I have never heard of. I got to go to the job site that is wrapping up, and it was amazing to see the contractors work almost done. I got to go all over Seattle running errands, picking tile, wood floors, and lighting fixtures. I even got to do client information in our smartsheets! Also, the article I got to help with got featured on Houzz! I go to do the specs for it! How cool!   I did a little bit of it all during my last whole week.  I have completed my required hours but am working for fun at this point, I love it that much!  

Earning the Title of a "Gypsy Soul"

I am crying a little bit as I write this post. I only have two weeks left in this amazing place and I anticipate feeling a piece of my heart being taken away after I have to leave. One big reason why I wanted to come to Seattle was to be alone. I had the idea that being alone and on my own schedule would be so refreshing, and I was right. I have enjoyed it so much. Being here has taught me that when I graduate, I can move anywhere and survive, and enjoy the heck out of it at that.  I find myself walking slow and trying to process and absorb this place as much as possible. After a crazy 5 days of work, on Saturday, I decided to go explore. I went to see the Seattle Central Library that is famous for it’s insane architecture. I took a walk around and was just overwhelmed by it’s modern and geometric high modernism design style. What amazes me most about design and building layout is the use of it’s space. A library could be functional as just a square room with book shelves lined through it. However, architects and interior designers see the function needed, create a space to meet the needs, all while creating  another use along with it known as artwork. For example, yesterday I went into the library to view and use it from an arts perspective. However, someone walking in with me could have been going in to use it for it’s function of bookholding. Anyways, it gave me such an amazing outlook on how buildings can have multiple uses just through it’s design. After I toured the library, I grabbed dinner then took pictures around the area. Then, as sunset approached  I decided to go on an observatory tour. I went to the 73rd floor of the Columbia Tower. If you have seen the Seattle skyline, you have seen this tall, sleek, and black tower. I got to the floor and paid to go into the glass overview. It. Was. Insane. I sat in awe as I watched the sunset behind the mountains. I could see the ferries heading to and from Bainbridge Island. I saw Lake Union in all it’s glory full of boats. It was the best $9 I ever spent. I plan to go back and experience it one more time. Why must I go home?

Week 4 and It's Lessons

Internship// Week 4 // July 13- July 17

Everything about this internship has helped me put my life as a future designer into perspective. As I continue to watch and learn, I get to experience the way my daily life may someday be. Studio KB is such a fun learning environment. This week was kinda crazy in the office so I ran all over the place with Suzy and Kayron. I got to see the countertops installed and being coated in the kitchen that was just torn apart a week ago. I then saw what happens when somethings goes wrong. Tiles scratched? Fireplace surround damaged? No drawing of the backsplash? It is the designer's job to handle. I was just observing and witnessed a simple house visit turn into a huge thing that needed to be fixed. The best part? Kayron handled it all and acted like it was nothing. In that moment, I learned that it was part of the job.  Throughout the week, I worked on social media marketing with another Seattle designer, visited job sites on Mercer Island, played around with moldings, and did inventory. I tasted the whole design spectrum this week. I am getting pretty sad as my time to leave approaches. There is so much for me to learn that I don’t want to stop growing as a design student. This internship is going to make me work way harder my senior year so I can get my hands on all the information possible so I can tackle design challenges gracefully one day.

Athens + Atlanta= Portland

Praise for having an adventurous roommate! After Sophie mentioned going to Portland for the day, I immediately booked my bus ticket. After that it hit me. Taylor, you have more adventure in you than you think. I was pumped. All I wanted was to see the Portland Building designed by Michael Graves.

I have heard a lot of “ Portland is more hipster than Seattle “ and I can now confirm that. I fell in love with Portland. I love Athens so much for it’s funky, artsy, hip vibes and I love Atlanta’s fanciness, huge buildings, and southern draw. Portland was a mixture of both. The buildings seemed to be confused. I felt like I was walking through time with all the decades of building styles around. The Portland Building was awesome, this huge goddess sat on top of it. We ventured to the Portland Saturday Market and were immediately overwhelmed by all of the vendors. Man buns galore. Musicians everywhere. A million food trucks. Loads of  local artists. Nothing was too weird.  After a quick lunch from the food truck, we explored the pearl district, did some shopping, had beer samplers at Fat Heads Brewery, and got ready to conquer the line at Voodoo Doughnuts. The line was HUGE. We waited for 30 minutes to get a peek into the eclectic and dramatically designed shop, and boy was it worth it. Best. Doughnuts. Ever. After eating one, we headed back to the bus stop. It was time to embark on our 3 hour journey back to Seattle. I did not want to leave. I fell in love with the city. I felt a ridiculous pull to be there.  As our bus took off, a few tears fell. I will be back to Portland, someway, somehow.

A Little Bit of Everything

Internship// Week 3 // July 6- July 10

This week at the office was a good example of how crazy life as a designer may be for me one day. I worked on an array of small tasks that will all be helpful to know for the future. One of the main things I have learned  is the need for details. For example, when rushing to do a project, I will leave off crown molding due to time constraints. Well. The crown molding gods have spoken, and karma has gotten me. This week I worked on making custom crown molding pieces. It is one of my assignments to work on over the period of my internship so there is no pressure to finish it immediately, which is good for me because my ideas have been falling short. First, I thought moldings were all one big piece. WRONG. Kayron broke it down and showed me the pieces and explained it. Now it is up to me to put them together to make a nice piece. It was really important that I learned this, because it is really challenging the creative meets function side of my brain, leaving me to channel both as I try to make a working design. I now know and can see how it can make a design so much better, so in the fall, my projects will start having them.  Another new thing we did was measure an old mid century modern house that needs a lot of TLC. Suzie and I measured it everywhere and I learned that I need to work on my quick sketching skills, because on the jobsite at the end of the afternoon isn’t when you want to be going so slow because you’re trying to be perfect. After we measured the home, the next day Suzie put it into CAD and she let me put the bathroom into CAD for her as she watched how I did it. What was fun about Suzie watching me was how you can learn from others. She taught me really neat tricks that can make the process easier, and I showed her one or two shortcuts that I prefer to use. It took me a second to do it since I am not acquainted to the MAC version but finally it was done and I had it all right.  The rest of the week was spent working on the moldings, watching tile reps present new lines, updating Houzz, sharing neat articles, and choosing palettes for a client to look at for their bathroom design.  It was a really random week with a plethora of things I got to do, and for that I am thankful.

Fearlessly Exploring


Cultural Event Week 2

Only being here for six weeks means being adventurous and fearless as much as possible. One thing I decided to go out and do was take a ferry and go to Bainbridge Island. Let me tell you. It was awesome. I am now a huge lover of ferry rides. My Australian roommate was so nice to invite me to tag along and our adventure turned into an all day thing. We caught the bus to downtown and caught the ferry from there. The ride was about 30 minutes and had stunning views of mountains and the skyline. Once we got to the island we bussed then walked a bit to the islands large community garage sale. We pondered around and I found this devotional I have been wanting for 50 cents! After we looked around we asked for directions back to the ferry bus but no one knew. This guy overheard us and offered us a ride with him and his 2 kids and dog. I normally wouldn't ever consider hitch hiking but it was a long long walk mid day and he had kids, so whats the harm? He dropped us off where we needed and we thanked him and his kids. My roommate and I then grabbed lunch at  this vegan “Vege House” and talked to this woman living on a sailboat and working 3 jobs to save up because she is sailing down to Mexico in October. Her journey was insane. We then went down to the bay and had a local beer. We pondered the small local shops then headed back to the ferry. The whole day had passed and I was one tired 21 year old by 7pm with some light sunburn.  The ride back was so beautiful . I am pretty sure I fell in love with Seattle in that moment. I was in the middle of salt water, surrounded by mountains and the skyscrapers of downtown Seattle. I could get used to seeing that all the time.

Y’all in all honesty, I love this place. It is so large and so stunning at once. I get lost a lot. I am overwhelmed by it in the best ways. It is so fast paced that I am exhausted and sleep so well by the end of the day. Everyone has been really nice.  It just feels right to be here. I can’t wait to see what else I come across this next month.  
In current events, Seattle has lots of large events going on throughout the city. There is a huge seafood festival planned in Ballard that brings in 65,000 people each year. I have been following lots of posts about it and look forward to seeing the turnout it has.

Design With Spec Book In Hand

Internship// Week 2// June 29- July 2

Another week has come and gone. In all honesty, time really does fly even in the work environment not just in college when you’re rushing to finish a project.  This week I was able to learn and experience some pretty cool things.  

Monday started with a cabinetry delivery to a home Studio KB is working on. It was super neat to see how the contractor was laying them out while reading the CDOX Kayron had made. Kayron showed me how the cabinets were going to be hung, giving me a better idea of how they technically work. On Tuesday, I had a blast. I got assigned one of my summer tasks  which is to help do some of the marketing for Studio KB. With that being said, I am getting to do stuff on Facebook, Instagram,and Houzz on behalf of Studio KB!  If you know me, and I am assuming so since you’re reading my blog, you know how much I enjoy this and see social media as an important connecting platform. I am so pumped! That afternoon Kayron wanted me to experience new things, so I spent the day with her on her errands.She took me with her to sit in on the NKBA board meeting that was at the Pental Quartz show house. It was cool too see how they make their executive decisions on NKBA related events and plannings. We then went to a showroom with a client to look at products and picked up a replacement door for a client’s cabinetry. That afternoon Suzie and I looked up asian inspired bath designs for inspiration for a client’s bath design. On Wednesday I worked on Houzz all day making a product spec sheet and tagging items on the page. Kayron is really active on her Houzz so I am getting to help her upkeep the page and answer questions and tagging products so that less questions are asked. Thursday was my last day of work before the holiday and it started out by going to a beautiful condo in Capitol Hill that Kayron and Suzie have been working on. I was so impressed by the amount of space planning that was done that gave the small space plenty of room. They asked the client questions and got ideas for things to be looking for to add to the space. That afternoon I worked on Houzz more and then Kayron showed me how to order pieces for  crown molding that needed to be replaced. It was such an intense process for just the crown molding. She told me “ DWSPIN” and I was so confused, and she clarified that it means to Design With Spec Book In Hand. It makes perfect sense and seems to be a lifesaver to avoid those awkward mess ups in a space.  

    After two weeks here, I am realizing how big of a learning experience this is. I have a gained such a new found respect for what design is and all the work that goes behind it. Also, after being her it has occurred to me that maybe I would love to be working in construction. With design experience, it may nice to mix design knowledge into actual hands on building. Just a thought though.


Photo Credit goes to Red Pants Studio for the NKBA Gala picture. The rest of the photos are my own. 


Seattleite Culture Includes Flying Fish?


Cultural Event Week 1

I was off on Friday so I woke up around 8 and got ready for my adventurous day planned at Pikes Place Market. Tourists. Everywhere. I was one of them but it still felt weird with so many of them in one place. I got to the Market and saw the flying fish,then bought a gorgeous sunflower.  I made my rounds and left after not finding anything other than a cool place to take pictures. I then accidentally found the Gum Wall which was as crazy as it seemed. Right as I went to leave I remembered the original Starbucks was close so I ran over and saw the first one. THE FIRST STARBUCKS. It was tiny and super neat considering how much Starbucks I drink all the way in Georgia.  I grabbed lunch at Taxi Dogs next door and took it to the park overlooking the mountains, water, and Mt. Rainier. It was a gorgeous day and I got a little sunburnt. I then went to the city Target while I was downtown and bought a few things for the stay here, and I learned how to take a buggy on an escalator.Speaking of “buggy”, I asked for one at Trader Joe's and the lady was so confused. I laughed about it later but really needed that buggy!  Excuse me, I meant “shopping cart.”

The views here are incredible. It takes my breath away everytime. I have cried a few times, well more like weeped, because it is so amazing and breathtaking. I sleep so well here too despite the sun rises at 5:45, so it basically light in my room at that time.  I can’t wait for what this week brings. My adventurous heart is ready.


Does This Go To 46th and Phinney?

Internship // Week 1 // June 22- June 25

Well does it? This is one question I have grown very fond of upon my arrival in Seattle. However, getting lost on a bus and ending up in downtown Seattle has not stopped me , and I have successfully made it to work on time every day in my first week. Let me fill you in.

Seattle. I have never been to the West Coast and never been past Texas or above D.C. so it is safe to say that traveling alone across the country (literally the furthest away from my hometown that you can get) at the age of 21 can be quite intimidating. The most stressful part was flying, not because of heights, but because of security, gate changes, and small plane bathrooms. The flying worked out perfectly, but boy, the 4.5 hours from ORD to SEA was no joke. The views though were breathtaking.  After lugging around my bags on the hills University of Washington campus, and up 3 flights of stairs, I was finally able to move into my apartment on Sunday. With work starting on Monday, I wanted to test the bus route and find my office beforehand so that I would be on time. Boy, I was in for a surprise. I got on a 44 and ended up downtown where the driver told me it was the last stop and I needed to get off, so I explained I was looking for Phinney Ave, and he told me where to go, that I went the wrong direction ( of course). I panicked and found 4th and Pike and hopped on asking if it went to 46th and Phinney. About 45 minutes later I got there, then had to get on a 5, which took me right to it. I did it. I had survived after 4 hours of confusion and anticipation of calling an Uber to save me. I hopped back on and headed back to my apartment and treated myself to the coolest, most fun little mexican restuarant, Agua Verde, on Portage Bay that served lots of organic goodies.Work started the next day.

I woke up for my first day and made it to my office an hour early, so I walked to Starbucks. I had to wear a cardigan because the mornings are chilly. I got to work right on time and my life as an intern had officially begun.  Studio kb is a kitchen and bath design firm. Kayron Brewer is the owner and head designer. I found her work on Houzz and here I am working and learning from her. She was so nice to pick me up from the airport, so we had already met. On the first day I met Suzie, who also works and designs in the office. I jumped straight into what they were working on. By my 4th day of the internship I had: helped make 9 design boards for the NKBA Gala, been to 4 client homes, measured a bathroom , living , and dining room space then helped sketch it’s layout for reference,  sat in on a client interview, and learned how Studio kb does their cad drawings. I worked a total of 38 hours in 4 days, and in all honesty, the time flies. I was so impressed by all the references to class material that is being made at the firm. I felt proud that I knew what was being said, which gave me more confidence in our NKBA accredited program after seeing it in real life be used. Kayron and Suzie are both great to be around and in an office with. My favorite part is that they teach me things as we go through it, so I can grasp the concept of things versus just blindly following orders.

Thursday night was the NKBA Puget Sound Gala at Emerald City Trapeze. I met awesome Seattle area designers. Kayron is the President of the chapter, so luckily I am getting to meet her connections which is so vital to do in this industry. The gala had food, drinks, trapeze entertainment and our design boards on display. Awards were given out and Kayron got 1st place for her bath design ( which is my favorite from when I found her on Houzz) and 3rd for her outdoor patio/ porch, which is to die for. I also left the gala with an awesome goodie bag! My first week was great. I was off on Friday so I decided to soak up the culture of Seattle downtown. Overall I must admit , I am one worn out 21 year old, but for all the right reasons. My heart is so full here. The opportunity and the city is amazing, so it seems like I am still daydreaming.

Taylor Goes to Seattle.

So, I am moving to Seattle for the summer! I am beyond excited for the opportunity to go to Seattle and work with Studio KB. I know I will learn so much from this company  and indulge so much in Seattle's rich culture. This is going to be the best summer of my life and I am so eager to see how much I grow in this opportunity.